Sell Avon

Sell Avon

Sell Avon

Whether you’re a single mom, a corporate suit, a stay home wife, or a man who’s looking to branch out Avon can fit into your life. Men and Women all over the world make the decision to start their own Avon business every day. The Avon Opportunity gives a low cost way to earn more money and build new skills. Avon has been in business for 130 years and has used integrity, optimism, and beauty to change people’s lives.

When you Sell Avon, you have three options to grow your earnings. You can Sell Avon face-to-face, Sell Avon Online, and build and train a team to take advantage of Avon’s Leadership Program. You have the freedom to choose what areas you want to focus on. Your Avon business means it’s your choice!

Sell Avon Online

Since I started selling Avon, I have been able to earn more money and lock in incentives from Avon. These are the things I love most about selling Avon.

  • Freedom: With Avon, the way you run your business is totally up to you. This means that nobody can tell you what to wear, when to wake up, where to go, or when to work. You decide all of these things for yourself, fitting your business into your life. When you decide to Sell Avon, you become your own Avon boss.
  • Entrepreneurship: Avon is giving me the opportunity to own my own business without high startup fees and large minimum orders. I feel great knowing that it is my responsibility to make sure that I succeed. Owning a business gives you the responsibility of finding customers, finding recruits, and being organized and prepared. While building your business big can be work, the rewards are all yours.
  • Unlimited Earnings: The more you sell, recruit, and train, the more money you are able to make from your Avon business. Avon Leadership is your option to recruit and train other representatives. The more you grow your team and sales, the more Avon rewards you with cash, trips, and prizes.

Ways to Sell Avon

  • Selling Avon Face to Face: Share the brochure with friends, family, and the people in your communities who are interested in buying Avon. Since Avon has been a household name for 130 years, many people already know and love their products. Follow up with your customers to take their orders. Place all of the combined orders and the larger the total size, the more money you make. There are many ways to increase your sales with Avon.
  • Selling Avon Online: Once you sign up to Sell Avon you immediately have access to Avon’s representative page and can activate your own free estore. Your estore is open 24/7 and is available to anyone who wants to buy Avon from you, whether they know you or not! A good think about this is that the better you are able to market your estore online, the more online sales you can earn. Online Sales pay a fixed commission of 20% (or 25% for President’s Club Representatives).

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Avon?

The amount of money you make selling Avon depends on the total size of your Avon order, the types of products you sell, and your Sales Achievement Level.

Representatives who order $10,000 worth of products between Campaign 1 and Campaign 26 earn President’s Club Recognition. President’s Club Avon Reps earn a minimum of 40% commission on core products and 25% or fixed commission products.

Avon Earnings Charts


Start Your Own Avon Business

If you would like to start your own Avon Business you are in the right place. In less than 10 minutes you can start your business. Follow these 3 steps to start:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Reference Code: WithEvette
  3. Select your desired Started Kit

Once you sign up, you will receive your Starter Kit from Avon within 5 – 7 business days. You’ll also receive a welcome email, exclusive handbook, and more support from me and my Team Leader. Even though you’re in business for yourself, you are not by yourself.

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