Mark by Avon Pout Lip Paints

Not Exactly Your Grandma’s Avon Lipstick Samples

Click the Photo to Shop the mark Pout Lip Paints

Mark by Avon Pout Lip Paints

Do you remember the little lipstick samples grandma used to give you from the Avon lady, so you wouldn’t think you were too grown?

Well… Those lipsticks have grown up just like you, hun. The mattes, bolds, and satin finishes of the Avon True Color lipsticks are nothing to play with. But in case you were thinking nothing has changed… Check out the new mark. Pout Lip Paints featured in the brochure page of the day. Choose from 8 shades and show whether you’re #TeamVelvet or #TeamVinyl finish.

See the rest of the Current Brochure here.

Click the Photo to Shop the mark Pout Lip Paints

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  • Shop my Online Avon Store – If you like shopping online, you’ll love my Avon estore. Buying Avon Online is easier than ever with an estore that organized by you personal care, beauty, fragrance and fashion needs. You are able to see new and classic Avon products and have them quickly delivered to your door. Another advantage of shopping my estore is that when you sign up as a customer you can opt in to receive the latest deals, coupon codes, and rewards. This means that you can be the first to know about all the wonderful things that Avon has to offer.
  • Shop my Online Avon Brochure – If you like the experience of shopping online but still want to see an Avon Brochure without the wait, this option is for you. You can take advantage of the current Avon Deals, enjoy the layout of the easy-to-read brochure, while shopping from home. What is also great about this option is you can click the pages of the online brochure to add items to your order. In the time it takes to flip through a book, you can complete and submit your order online!
  • Shop by Avon Product Number – If you have a Avon Brochure in hand you can use my Avon estore to enter your orders by item number. This option is also great if want to order from multiple campaigns at once. You can enter the individual 6-digit product numbers that you have found whether online or in your Avon Brochure to create your shopping list. Ordering by product number is a great way for long time customers to stock up on their favorite Avon Products at the best prices.

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