Why Your Friends and Family Don’t Buy from You


Why Your Friends and Family are not Supporting Your Direct Sales Business


I’m just going to cut straight to the reasons, b:

#1 They think you’ve been scammed.

Because you had to pay an initiation fee. Because you aren’t being paid in direct proportion to the hours you work. Because there have been countless stories of people not getting ahead in this company. Because you use flowery language like “the opportunity of a lifetime”, “unlimited income potential”, and “this can change your life.” Your friends and family think you got got. And that’s okay. Because you know you didn’t. Especially if you know that you chose a reputable, established company.

Solution: It’s up to you to actually turn a profit, deliver on the orders that you take, and bring in your income ethically. Manage your finances, operate your business, and then sing its praises.

#2 You’ve Quit Before

Remember that time you started going to the gym then quit? Or the time you were madly in love, then turned around and badmouthed your ex? Or how about when you started a direct sales business 2 years ago and stopped? Well, so do your family and friends. They may have even seen other people begin the same journey only to quit and badmouth it later.

Look. I’m not saying that you have to have ironclad commitment to everything you’ve ever attempted in order to gain support from the people you love. But on the flipside, the people who know you are sometimes going to want to see the fruit of your labor before they jump on a bandwagon with you.

Solution: Be consistent. Stick with this for a while. Maybe the people who think this is a flash in the pan will support you down the line.


The people who know you are sometimes going to want to see the fruit of your labor before they jump on a bandwagon with you.


#3 Your Personality has Changed (and Not in a Good Way).

Maybe you’re trying to grow your team, or are just happy that you have found an income source that doesn’t depend on a clock-in system. But if you’ve become vocal about how horrible you think it is to work for someone else or how employees are slaves, you’re taking it too far. Your family and friends remember the times you celebrated getting your latest job or the joy of direct deposit. They’re not buying the new anti-employee you. Also don’t change from a sarcastic cynic to a cheery optimist overnight. Phoniness doesn’t sell.

Solution: Nothing is wrong with realizing that you can’t work a job, and then making it in business. Just don’t promote an idea that something is wrong with you if you want to work a job. You can recruit people without belittling anyone.

#4 You Complain Too Much

This is especially for people who sell over social media. If you’re using the same page to talk about how great your products/company are and conversely complaining about being broke all the time, you might be turning off potential customers or recruits. I’m guilty of this one, concerning other things as well. We all know that for generations  who are well versed in technology, social media feels like a safe place to vent to your peers. However, when it comes to running a business online complaining, particularly about your financial stability, can turn people off about trusting you with money.

Solution: Focus on establishing yourself as a trustworthy business operator. Don’t engage in behaviors that make you seem unstable or untrustworthy.

friends 2

#5 They Don’t Know What You Have to Offer Them

You might have been told to push a certain product line in your training, or you might just routinely mention your brand’s name in conversation. Either way, don’t make the assumption that the people you know, know exactly what you mean when you’re talking about it. For example, the company I work with sells anything from makeup to housewares to children’s clothing to men’s skin care. If I only push the latest perfume, I’m leaving a lot of potential customers out.

Solution: Be creative in showcasing your offerings. What you have, how it works, and what you like most. Don’t be secretive about what you offer. Offer people what they have expressed interest in BEFORE you upsell them.

#6 They’re Not Supposed to be Your Only Customers Anyway

If there are top sellers in your business, they will never tell you that they became successful only from the sales of the people they already know. These are the breaks. If you opened a restaurant, retail store, or any type of business that relies on customers, you would know that you could not depend only on the people you know to keep you afloat. The same is true for your direct sales business.

Solution: Focus on acquiring new customers and impressing the ones you have.

#7 They Don’t Have To

Nobody has to buy your stuff. Not even the people who love you. And that’s okay. Which is further reason why you should gush over whoever does, and lose no love towards those who do not. Develop the mindset that everyone who shows interest in your business is doing you a favor. In return, it’s your obligation to offer them the best customer service possible. Everyone works hard for their money and the right to decide what to do with it.

Solution: Appreciate everyone who does support you, refers customers to you, and even those who don’t support. You never know when that will change.

In closing, learn the business, be patient, and don’t express impatience with your family and friends. Just get to the work of getting good at your business. Family and friends will come around. And if they don’t, focus on being so good that you didn’t even notice their absence 😉

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