Avon Fundraising

Avon Fundraising

Did you know that in as little as three weeks you can earn funds for your group, club, or organization by partnering up with me or a member of my National Fundraising Team? Avon offers a fundraising program that does just that. Your group, club, or organization can sell Avon products ( in bundles at prices exclusively for fundraisers) and earn up to 40% of your sales. You can also do this without any expenses, without the hassle of complex order processing, and with the assistance of a trained Avon Fundraising guide. How? We come up with a plan for you to keep your fundraiser on track.

How Much Money Can You Make with Avon Fundraising?

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Groups can earn profits from 30% to 40%. When the total sales of your fundraiser are above $1,500 you receive a profit of 40% of your sales, which would give you at least a $600 profit. To achieve this goal you could follow a simple plan with 10 volunteers each selling to 10 customers, with average $15 sales. Sound doable? Because it is!

The more you sell, the more you earn. Examples of higher earning goals are:

  • 10 volunteers x 10 customers x $15 order = $1,500 sales and $600 profit
  • 20 volunteers x 10 customers x $15 order = $3,000 sales and $1,200 profit
  • 40 volunteers x 10 customers x $15 order = $6,000 sales and $2,400 profit
  • 60 volunteers x 10 customers x $15 order = $9,000 sales and $3,600 profit
  • 100 volunteers x 10 customers x $15 order = $15,000 sales and $6,000 profit

Who can fundraise with Avon?

Anybody can fundraise with Avon! You don’t have to be a non-profit organization or even be tax exempt to run an Avon Fundraiser. The only thing I require when I set up your fundraiser is a coordinator – someone to be the lead of the fundraiser, and a team or volunteers to participate in the sales and promotion portion of the fundraiser. Here are examples of who can run a fundraiser:

  • Teachers and Mentors
  • Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and their Leaders
  • Students of all ages
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Church Groups
  • School or Recreational Sports Teams
  • Firefighters, Police, and First Responders
  • Military
  • Parent Groups
  • Families
  • and anyone who has a cause to raise money for!

What are You Selling?

Not cookies. Not pizza. Not popcorn. Basically, nothing that can be turned down with that phrase “I’m on a diet, right now.” But what you are selling are things that any and everyone needs and can use. When we set up your fundraiser you get to pick from any of the Avon Fundraising packages that are currently available.

  • Beauty for a Purpose
  • Beyond Color Lipstick
  • Avon Senses Body Care
  • Signature Fragrance Collection
  • Daily Inspiration Charm Bracelets
  • Bug Guard

Avon Fundraising Flyers Spring 2016

Bug Guard Foot Works
Skin So Soft Beauty for a Purpose

What are the Steps?

1. Launch Meeting & Agreement Form:

After speaking with the member of your organization who is in charge of fundraising, we will come to the terms that we can put in my Agreement Form   After the Agreement Form is signed we will schedule the launch meeting or fundraiser kick off.  In the launch meeting, I will meet with your organization and go over the fundraiser step-by-step and outline the schedule.

2. Coordinator:

The coordinator is the person in your organization who takes the leadership role in the fundraiser. This person will keep track of participants/volunteers, make copies of order forms, and work closely with me in scheduling the fundraiser.

3. Participants:

The participants are the volunteers in your organization who are going to present the fundraiser to their friends, families, and associates. They will show their fundraising flyers, record the orders, and collect the cash for the fundraiser.

4. The Order:

I will collect the order forms and cash from the coordinator and process the information with Avon. Pay Avon for the goods. And release the profits to your organization!

5. Delivery:

I will deliver the fundraiser orders to your location about one week after the orders are submitted. From this point, your customers will pick up their orders or your participants will deliver orders to their individual customers.

Bonus: After the end of the fundraiser any follow-up orders will receive a 15% discount off the current brochure price. If any of your fundraiser coordinators or participants decide to start selling Avon, I will sign them up and give them a free gift.

Avon Fundraising with Evette

If you are in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan area, I’d be happy to set up fundraising for you and your org. Please fill out the contact form below and I will reach out to you to discuss getting started!

I Need a Fundraiser!

You can also Contact Me at my Estore! I make it a point to respond within 48 hours or less.

Avon Fundraising with Avon Team Ambition

Although I manage fundraising in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia, I am part of a National Avon team that has trained representatives who can coordinate your next fundraiser. If you are not in the  Maryland, DC, and Virginia area, let me know! I will connect you to one of my teammates to set up your fundraiser! Some, but not all, of my team members are listed below!

  • Tim Willard
    • Stanleyville, NC
  • Michelle Field
    • Montauk, NY
  • Denise Jordan
    • Nebo, NC

Join Avon with Evette

If you want to run fundraisers for others and you’re ready to Sell Avon, sign up online today! In less than 10 minutes you can start your business. Follow these 3 steps to start:

  1. Go to startavon.com
  2. Enter Reference Code: WithEvette
  3. Select your desired Avon Starter Kit

Once you sign up, you will officially be a member of Avon Team Ambition. You will receive your Starter Kit from Avon within 5 – 7 business days. You’ll also receive a welcome packet via mail, a welcome email, and more support from me and my Team Leader. Individuals who sign up on The Glam Entrepreneur get to be added to this page and our National Fundraising Team!

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