31 Avon Products that offer Sun Protection

31 Avon Products that offer Sun Protection

Avon Sun Protection

31 Avon Products that offer Sun Protection

Now that we’re right in the middle of summer, people are starting to notice that the sun is deepening our skin and lightening our hair. And while, these effects are great, there are more important skin care issues that come along with more sun exposure. Namely, skin burning and ultraviolet exposure that increases the risk of skin cancers.

Now, now. This post is not intended to work anyone up into a panic. But, it is important to know the ways that we can protect our skin and how to get that protection.

SPF Sunscreen Facts

In short, SPF is the Sun Protection Factor of a sunscreen. So if you would normally burn after 10 minutes in the sun, SPF 15 would protect you from burning for about 150 minutes (15 times longer).

To learn more about the facts about SPF Sunscreen, check out the explanation from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Avon Skin Care with Sun Protection

Avon Makeup with Sun Protection


Avon Body Care with Sun Protection

Avon Bug Repellent with Sun Protection


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