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Avon Outlet brochures are released every two weeks alongside Avon Brochures. The Avon Outlet books are another great catalog that are offered both in print and online. These catalogs feature deeply discounted, discontinued, overstock, and last chance seasonal items. They are a great option for Avon customers who are looking to get more bang for their buck. another great thing about these books is that they feature the whole range of Avon products. You can find makeup, skincare, personal care, men, children, jewelry and fashion items in the Avon Outlet book.

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It’s possible to see an item in the outlet and not order it, thinking it will be in the Avon Brochure in the future. You might not want to make this mistake. While Avon does put regularly stocked items in Outlet book every now and then, sometimes they won’t. Keep in mind that this may be your last chance to stock up on that item again.

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